10 New WordPress plugins to make your blog Google friendly


1. Format website’s code in the right search engine schema

Many sites are generated from structured data, which is often stored in databases. When this data is formatted into HTML, it becomes very difficult to recover the original structured data. Many applications, especially search engines, can benefit greatly from direct access to this structured data. On-page markup enables search engines to understand the information on web pages and provide richer search results in order to make it easier for users to find relevant information on the web. Markup can also enable new tools and applications that make use of the structure.

Schema for WordPress is a plugin that stores the html markup tags that are recognized by the three major search engines  (Google, Bing and Yahoo!) and makes them available using shortcodes when a post or page is created in WordPress.


2. Better On-Site optimization on your blog articles

Most of the SEO plugins that we know of focuses on two things. Meta titles and structure. They do nothing with the actual content of the website. Which is okay, because most of that part (onsite optimization) is done manually by the author. But what if you have a plugin that will help you do better on-site optimization ?

This plugin enables you to configure several important SEO characteristics in each of these five areas:

  • Main title
  • Head section: description, keywords, robots indexing and following instructions, canonical URLs
  • Secondary title, visible in the page body
  • Secondary description, visible in the page body
  • Paged comments and duplicate content

If you’ve have been trying only All in One SEO, this is a must try.



3. Find out all the pages on your blog that’s missing SEO data

If you hadn’t installed your SEO plugin right from the start, there might be several posts/pages on your site that are missing their SEO data. This plugin will search and list them out for you. Simple as that.



4. Display information based on search engine visits

LJ Longtail SEO is a tool that detects search engine visits and uses this information to display a list of links based on second page search results.



5. Better internal linking within your blog

SEO Smart links allows you to set up your own keywords and set of matching URLs against each of it. This will make sure that when ever you mention that particular word on your blog, it gets automatically linked to the recommended link/page. Finally SEO Smart links allows you to set nofollow attribute and open links in new window.



6. Optimize your images on the blog automatically

SEO Friendly Images is a WordPress SEO plugin which automatically updates all images with proper ALT and TITLE attributes for SEO purposes.

If your images do not have ALT and TITLE already set, SEO Friendly Images will add them according the options you set. Additionally this makes the post W3C/xHTML valid as well.



7. Fix duplicate content issue in your blog content automatically

Duplicate content is (actually was) a big demon for blogs especially WordPress blogs. There are several instances where the same content appears on your WordPress blog making each repeat instance a duplicate content on Google, if indexed properly. There are many ways to fix this issue and this plugin takes care of it pretty much automatically.



8. All in One SEO settings right inside Windows Live Writer

All in SEO is a great SEO plugin. But the problem is that you need to go to the dashboard everytime you publish a post and then tweak the SEO settings on it separately. This is a huge disadvantage for many bloggers who use Windows Live Writer for blogging. Now, here is a great bridge plugin that will enable All in One SEO settings for your blog articles right within Windows Live Writer console. Win!
wlw enter seo details



9. Check keyword Density real-time on blog articles

Though keyword density is an outdated concept, some folks still follow it. This plugin will help you check the keyword density in your article real-time.



10. Create optimized Robots.txt automatically

If you don’t know what Robots.txt is, then go check this out first. If you do, then install this plugin. It takes care of all your Robots tweaking vows pretty much automatically. I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t know how to tweak the settings or what it means.


So, there you have it. Ten additional plugins to your default SEO plugins that will fine tune your website and make it Google friendly. That should mean better positions on search engines. Try it !


Courtesy of  www.dailybloggr.com

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