14 Tips To Manage a Remote Dev Team

Managing a team of developers can be a difficult undertaking when you’re working remotely. And effectively overseeing team members working solo in different time zones all over the world, as many tech companies now do, is even more complex than having just one or two off-site freelancers. That’s why I asked fourteen members from Young […]

Tips For Effective Outsourcing

These days many companies who face a need for software development go with outsourcing. The main advantages of outsourcing are: cost effectiveness, fast and high quality results, sharing development risks. There could be more advantages but these most commonly recalled for an average software development project. There are several types of outsourcing. It can be […]

Outsource or not outsource: offshore software development

Software is everyware, sorry, is everywhere. Everything you can put your eye on is somehow connected with software. Every product or business process needs a software solution. No wonder software development market is growing day after day, hour after hour. And software development is now not only the privilege of a highly developed economy but […]

Offshore Outsourcing Risk Management

When you are looking for the way how to cut costs for your software development project but still keep its quality, most likely you will think of offshore outsourcing. You will quickly find all the advantages of such a model. But less frequently one can talk about some risks accompanying this initiative. Let’s see what […]

“Outsource – Inhouse” Software Development Model

Very often in order to reduce the risk of a project failure client company hire not just one team of developers but several teams. This way it secures itself in case one team will opt-out or won’t be able to cope with the requirements or simply go out of business. Such an approach looks rather […]

Agile methods of software development

Probably everyone who is engaged in software development knows what “agile” is. If to put it simple, agile is a number of methods or approaches of managing a development process and team work. Agile implies following a set of software development values fixed in agile manifesto. Based on these values several methods were worked out. […]