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Embedded Software

Professional development and testing of embedded software, firmware and drivers for electronic devices and embedded systems in various industries.

Desktop Applications

Custom desktop applications giving you a way to automate your business by improving performance and synchronizing crucial processes.

Mobile Development

Extensive experience in iOS, Android and Windows Mobile apps development. Ability to integrate complex backend systems with mobile frontends.

Web Applications

Web applications design and development in accordance to various business needs and demands. Profound expertise in B2B, SAAS, eCommerce, CMS and Portal development.

Client-Server Apps

Robust, easy to maintain, scalable, cost-effective and flexible client/server solutions with user-friendly interfaces. Tools to manage vast amounts of data in a cost-effective way.

Audio For Video Games

We have a professional studio specializing in original music, sound design and voiceovers for video games. We've been working on hundreds of game titles across all platforms.



Independent software testing and quality assurance services are among our key competencies.

A powerful combination of team members’ professional skills, effective tools and equipment ensures successful test planning and implementation, followed by quick and efficient delivery and analysis of test results for systems of almost any complexity level.


At Paytory we understand the importance of continually improving and of developing pioneering technology without waiting for the latest innovations to come from other sources. We regularly invest in the development of technological competencies that can solve the constantly-changing needs of our clients and the markets in which they compete. Many ideas that we generate, work and rework until perfected, allow us to offer the most innovative technologies and processes in software engineering. As a result, this advantage is transferred to our clients, which allows them to dynamically grow and maintain their advantage over the competition.

Our vast knowledge and experience in the software development market allow us to continually improve and develop contemporary methods and advancements in the ever-changing field of IT.


The purpose of Risk Management at Paytory is to identify the potential problems, planning and carrying out of the appropriate actions to mitigate and/or prevent the negative consequences of such problems. Risk management includes not only technical problems but also external and internal risk sources concerned with the costs and schedule. Risk management process at Paytory includes the following tasks:

- Preparation for risk management (definition of risk sources and categories, risk parameters definition, working out of strategy of the risk management)

- Risk analysis and identification (risk identification, evaluation, categorization and prioritizing)

- Risk mitigation (working out of the plans for risk mitigation, execution of plans for risk mitigation)


Paytory's development process is built with your unique needs in mind. We use the right tools for the job - whether it's Agile, Waterfall, V, or Spiral.

Our team members are well-versed in the development models that will make your project a success. We pride ourselves on our structured methodology and commitment to quality. We follow a disciplined software development process based on IEEE standards.

When you partner with Paytory, your projects will get the unique consideration they deserve. We analyze every aspect of your project to make sure that our solution will meet or exceed your expectations.


Paytory is U.S. based company with a distributed team all over the world. Thus we are able to minimize client's legal and financial risks while maximizing savings.

Which business model to use is one of the most crucial questions for our clients. Depending on the scope and duration of a project Paytory offers different pricing models:

Fixed price model - preferable for small or medium scope short-term projects with clear and well-documented requirements.

Time and Material model - more suited for long-term projects with dynamically changing requirements

Dedicated team model - we provide competent IT experts, equipment, and other resources based on project requirements.


Paytory takes great pride in our global diversity integrity and career-minded individuals uniting to form an intelligent, professional team committed to the success of our customers, our employees, and our growth under conservative business leadership utilizing continuous process improvement practices.

At Paytory, our mission reflects the total expectations of our clients, our industry, and our employees: Teamwork, Quality, and Satisfaction.

Our clients have high expectations for the products we deliver, and Paytory exceeds these expectations by becoming a team with our clients. Together, we identify their needs and design complete solutions which satisfy those needs. Because of our customer-focused team, it is no surprise to us that our products are well received.



We take data security and confidentiality very seriously.
Access by authorized personnel only, regular secure backups and data encryption.

After we are done, all deliverables with full ownership rights are securely transferred to you.

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